ADHD Coaching

Providing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder counseling for adults, teens and children


Attention-Deficit can be misleading. Many people with ADHD are very creative. People with ADHD may take in too much information and stimulation at once. Their filters work differently than others. I help adults, teens, and children who have ADHD, depression, and trauma. I help folks discover, or recover, what is essential to their well-being, wholeness and health. 

My approach is experiential, client-centered, relational, and depth oriented. Trained in Jungian and archetypal approaches, I use narrative and expressive therapies, such as drama, art, music, and writing. 

I use cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with expressive imaginable /archetypal therapies to help you center yourself, gain clarity of mind and learn to stabilize mood. 

I bring skills as a fitness trainer, massage therapist, and yoga/ za-zen meditation practitioner to help ground and integrate your body, mind, and soul.

Have any questions?

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